Through The Bible In One Year IN SPANISH - Stringfellow book
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In the Spanish language...

A 52-Lesson Introduction to the 66 Books of the Bible

For more than three decades, Through the Bible in One Year has brought greater insight into God's Word to thousands of believers. Taking the reader completely through the Bible, book by book, this acclaimed learning tool spells out the progressive, step-by-step revelation of God's will, shows how it has become manifest over the centuries, and explains how it affects believers' lives today.

With each study, the reader will learn...


    • How to identify major themes in each book of the Bible


    • How to memorize key Scriptures


    • How to recognize God's central messages


  • How each book came into being and the role it plays in the Bible story

By embarking on this yearlong journey, believers will see the Bible unfold as a beautiful, divinely inspired true story, with a beginning, a middle, and an end yet to come. And by embracing its themes and truths, they will be better prepared to meet life's daily challenges.

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Through The Bible In One Year IN SPANISH - Stringfellow book

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