Principles And Power Of Vision - Myles Munroe book
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Introduction: Life without Vision
Part I: What Is Vision?
1. Vision: The Key to Fulfilling Your Life's Purpose
2. The Source of Vision
3. Overcoming Obstacles to Vision
Part II: Twelve Principles for Fulfilling Personal Vision
Introduction to Part II
4. Principle 1: Be Directed by a Clear Vision
5. Principle 2: Know Your Potential for Fulfilling Vision
6. Principle 3: Develop a Concrete Plan for Your Vision
7. Principle 4: Possess the Passion of Vision
8. Principle 5: Develop the Faith of Vision
9. Principle 6: Understand the Process of Vision
10. Principle 7: Set the Priorities of Vision
11. Principle 8: Recognize People's Influence on Vision
12. Principle 9: Employ the Provision of Vision
13. Principle 10: Use Persistence in Achieving the Vision
14. Principle 11: Be Patient in the Fulfillment of Vision
15. Principle 12: Stay Connected to the Source of Vision
Part III: The Power of Vision
16. The Generational Nature of Vision
17. How to Write Your Personal Vision Plan
Taking Action: Action Steps to Bringing Your Vision into Reality
A Word to Third-World Nations
About the Author

Whether you are a businessperson, a homemaker, a student, or a head of state, author Myles Munroe explains how you can make your dreams and hopes a living reality. Your success is not dependent on the state of the economy or what the job market is like. You do not need to be hindered by the limited perceptions of others or by a lack of resources. Discover time-tested principles that will enable you to fulfill your vision no matter who you are or where you come from. You were not meant for a mundane or mediocre life. You do not exist just to earn a paycheck. Revive your passion for living. Pursue your dream. Discover your vision--and find your true life.

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Principles And Power Of Vision - Myles Munroe book

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