Lenten Sourcebook - Herbert Lockyer book
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The observance of Lent says to all believers, "Remember Jesus Christ." And as they remember, they find themselves more closely identified with Him.

In this comprehensive sourcebook for the Lenten season, best-selling author Dr. Herbert Lockyer helps believers to celebrate this significant time through...

  • Explanations of the origin and observance of Lent
  • Meaningful preparations for the season
  • Program ideas for Holy Week, Good Friday, and Easter
  • Parables and illustrations
  • Prayers, hymns, and poems
  • Passion plays
  • Sermon outlines

Here is a tremendous resource for church and Sunday school leaders, one that will help them to teach and lead believers in understanding and worshipping their Savior on the road to Calvary.

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Lenten Sourcebook - Herbert Lockyer book

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