Jazz Piano Chords Piano Book - intermediate/advanced
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Jazz Piano Chords Piano Book - intermediate/advanced

For Intermediate to Advanced Pianists

This informative volume provides a chord reference for any pianist wanting to learn to play jazz. Starting with the most basic intervals, the text explains how chords are built and how they are used in different performance settings. After covering the basics, advanced chord types such as 9ths, 11ths, 13ths, drop voicings, and the blues chord are presented and explained. The functions of chords are described, as are substitutions, clusters, and polytonal clusters. Numerous charts are provided which can be helpful for practicing and for quick and easy reference as to which can be used with given bass notes. The Melody Harmonization Charts show chords based on fourths. Learning to use these chords will help the pianist play with more harmonic variety, color, and interest.

This is a secular book for teaching jazz chords.  Many Gospel songs use jazz chords, so this will help you to learn some.

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Jazz Piano Chords Piano Book - intermediate/advanced

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