How To Love A Black Woman - Ronn Elmore book
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Black women treasure trust and consistency in love. They also desire a sense of security rooted in something more—and much more precious—then just material concerns. Now Dr. Ronn Elmore, noted psychotherapist and author of the bestselling How to Love a Black Man, draws from his years of experience to reveal the power men have to respond to the most profound desires of the Black women they love. Straightforward, insightful, filled with dozens of practical, life-transforming "Policies and Procedures" and relevant, real-life examples, How to Love a Black Woman shows you how to build a rich, mutually satisfying, rewarding relationship as you:

Discover the very different communication and conflict resolution styles women and men use

Accept her for who she is rather than who she "could" be

Share your insides with her - the good, the bad, and the ugly

Support her in ways that respect her personal strenghts.

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How To Love A Black Woman - Ronn Elmore book

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