How To Love A Black Man - Ronn Elmore book
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Give the love he needs, get the love you want, and create the relationship you both deserve!

Black men base much of their self-esteem on their performance but often hide their deepest dreams and motivations in a private world they often can't—or won't—share with their partners. Now noted psychotherapist and minister Dr. Ronn Elmore draws on his years of experience to help you develop a mutually satisfying relationship with the Black man in your life—or the one who is on his way. Perceptive, compassionate, concise, and filled with dozens of practical, empowering "Satisfaction Actions" to improve your relationship today, How to Love a Black Man shows you how to:

• "Keep things real" to help him express his true feelings and better express your own

• Compromise to stick to your principles, yet make caring, productive compromises

• Finish fights if and when they start...and deal with the conflicts they raise once and for all

• Share and support his dreams...without losing sight of your own.

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How To Love A Black Man - Ronn Elmore book

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