Hell's Best Kept Secret - Ray Comfort book
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Evangelical success is at an all-time low. Why are so many unbelievers turning away from the message of the gospel? Doesn't the Bible tell us how to bring sinners to true repentance? Using lively anecdotes from his own experiences, evangelist Ray Comfort presents the key that unlocks the door of men's souls. If you're experiencing evangelical frustration over lost souls, unrepentant sinners, and backslidden "believers," then look no further. This radical approach could be the missing dimension needed to win our generation to Christ. Discover the secret to leading others to genuine repentance, and make each moment of your life count for the kingdom of God!

1. The Love, Joy, Peace Gospel
2. Hell's Best Kept Secret
3. The Jesus Technique
4. Pushing for Commitment?
5. The Forgotten Key
6. No Anointing--No Results
7. Fired Up!
8. The Way of the Salesman
9. When and Where to Witness
10. Let's Buy the World Lunch
11. Why the Law Works
12. Ten Steps to Conviction
13. Time to Talk about Jesus
14. Who Are the Backsliders?
15. Success Comes in "Cans"
16. You've Got What It Takes
Appendix: Questions and Answers
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Hell's Best Kept Secret - Ray Comfort book

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