He Gave Gifts Unto Men - Kenneth E. Hagin book
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He Gave Gifts Unto Men: A Biblical Perspective of Apostles Prophets Pastor

He Gave Gifts Unto Men - Drawing from a revelation received in a 1987 visitation from the Lord Jesus Christ, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin takes a scriptural look at the offices of the apostle, prophet, and pastor in the early church and as they function in the body of Christ today.

1. Ranks Or Classes Of Apostles
2. Fourth Class Of Apostle: Non-Foundational Apostles
3. Characteristics Of The Apostolic Call
4. Qualifications For The Apostolic Ministry
5. The Office Of The Prophet Contrasted In Old And New Testaments
6. What Is A New Testament Prophet?
7. Prophets Are Not To Guide And Direct New Testament Believers
8. Performing In The Flesh VS. Ministering In The Spirit
9. Foretelling Versus Forthtelling
10. God Does Not Put Novices In Positions Of Authority
11. Church Government
12. The Pastor And The Local Church
13. Different Church Structures
14. Ministerial Accountability
276 pages

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He Gave Gifts Unto Men - Kenneth E. Hagin book

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