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With every chord a guitarist could ever need, you'll never have to buy another reference book again. This 468-page, comprehensive collection of over 3,100 chords features crystal-clear photographs, chord frames, and standard music notation. Chord fingerings are shown along with note names, and chords are listed both alphabetically and chromatically for easy reference. Chord construction, intervals, inversions, altered chords, and music theory are explained in simple language to give you a complete understanding of what you are playing. This is the only chord encyclopedia you will ever need.



A Note About Keys

Minor Seventh Flat Fifth

Diminished Seventh

Seventh Suspended Fourth

Chord Frames

Minor Eleventh

Building Chords

The Circle of 5ths

Reading Chords

Chord Symbol Variations

Minor Seventh

Major Ninth


Minor Ninth

Sixth Add Ninth


Minor Sixth

Major Seventh


Seventh Augmented Fifth

Chords in All 12 Keys




Flat Fifth

Seventh Flat Fifth



Major Suspended Fourth

Major Sixth

Minor Sixth Add Ninth

Minor Major Seventh

Minor Ninth Major Seventh     


Major Seventh Flat Fifth

Seventh Flat Ninth

Seventh Sharp Ninth


Chord Theory


Basic Triads

Incomplete Voicings

Major Add Ninth

Seventh Flat Ninth Augmented

Ninth Augmented Fifth

Ninth Flat Fifth

Ninth Sharp Eleventh

Thirteenth Flat Ninth

Thirteenth Flat Ninth Flat Fifth

Commonly Used Chords

Guitar Fingerboard Chart

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Guitar Picture Chord Encyclopedia - guitar book from Alfred

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