Gospel Remix: Reaching The Hip Hop Generation - R Watkins book
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Gospel Remix: Reaching The Hip Hop Generation - Ralph Watkins book

Hip hop is DJing and MCing, break dancing and rapping; street art, street talk, and street smarts. It has its own language, its own look, its own consciousness. Hip hop is a culture and an identity, and for many African America churches, hip hop and its generation are both disturbing and frightening.

Professor, and preacher-turned-DJ Ralph Watkins has struggled with the issues surrounding hip hop. In this important new resource he addresses the issues up front to enable the reader to reach out to this generation's "tax collectors and sinners."

* Do we accept hip hop or critique it?
* How can African Americans embrace something that makes them look so bad?
* How do we move from the objective study of a culture to being in fellowship with its people and empathizing with their lot in life?
* Can one "live hip hop" and still be a Christian?

* Sociological perspective, theological insight, biblical principles, and personal experience related to hip hop generation
* The insight of contributors who are already creating The Gospel Remix in their own congregations and communities
* Candid ministry profiles of the hip hop pastor as father, peer, and model professional.


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Gospel Remix: Reaching The Hip Hop Generation - R Watkins book

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