Glimpse Into Glory - Kathryn Kuhlman book
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Kathryn Kuhlman's Personal Beliefs From A Glimpse Into Glory

On Women in the Ministry
"I wasn't God's first choice . . . but no man was willing to pay the price."

On Her Own Ministry
"The tremendous sense of responsibility is always with me . . . It is, at times, so overwhelming that more than once I have envied the little woman on that Missouri farm."

On Those Who Aren't Healed
"I have no power to heal. No one knows how I hurt inside when a service is over, and I see those leaving in the same wheelchairs in which they came."

On the Christian Life
"Nobody enjoys being a Christian more than I do. I wouldn't exchange it for anything else I know anything about."

On the Secret of Success
"It wasn't luck or influence. It was just hard word¿and God's providence."

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Glimpse Into Glory - Kathryn Kuhlman book

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