Church Administration In Black Perspective Rev - Massey book
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Church Administration In Black Perspective Revised - Floyd Massey book

With over 60,000 copies in print, Church Administration in the Black Perspective, first published in 1976, has become a classic reference manual. African American pastors through the years have looked to this informational guide as a source for details on church structure, management, and organization. This resource addresses the particular needs of the pastor and church staff who have been charged with the responsibilities of administration in the black church context.
Not only does this revised edition feature updated language, but it also includes fresh information in such areas as budgeting and the use of modern technology. The authors supply detailed information on creating a church budget, and discuss the role websites, computer technology, and cable access television can play in helping churches to carry out their mission. The book includes guidelines for effectively organizing church boards and committees, as well as details pertaining to overall church structure. The authors’ perspectives are well grounded in the experience of the African American Christian community, as the text explores how the African heritage and slave experience have molded black church traditions.

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Church Administration In Black Perspective Rev - Massey book

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