Christian Minister Manual (Revised/Exp) - Deluxe leather book/CD
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Christian Minister Manual (Revised/Exp) - Deluxe - Guthrie Veech book & CD


Updated and expanded with 32 pages of additional content designed to meet the growing demands of busy ministers, the Christian Minister's Manual is an essential tool for ministers.

This leather edition includes an online access code for Word® and rich text format files of the full contents of this book, as well as customizable templates for sermon building, orders of worship, programs, questionnaires, forms, and other resources to help meet the individual needs of each congregation.

This essential tool for ministers features Scripture readings, sermons, outlines, and practical tips for

• Worship services

• Weddings

• Funerals

• Ordinations

• Communion meditations

• Baptisms

• Dedications

• Hospital visitation

• Evangelism

• and much more!

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Christian Minister Manual (Revised/Exp) - Deluxe leather book/CD

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