Becoming a Contagious Christian - Bill Hybels paperback
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Section 1: Why Become a CONTAGIOUS CHRISTIAN? 

Chapter 1: People Matter To God 

Chapter 2: The Rewards of Contagious Christianity 

Chapter 3: A Formula For Impacting Your World 

Section 2: The Prerequisite of HIGH POTENCY 

Chapter 4: The Attractiveness of Authenticity 

Chapter 5: The Pull of Compassion 

Chapter 6: The Strength of Sacrifice 

Section 3: The Potential of CLOSE PROXIMITY 

Chapter 7: Strategic Opportunities in Relationships 

Chapter 8: Rubbing Shoulders with Irreligious People 

Chapter 9: Finding the Approach that Fits You 

Section 4: The Power of CLEAR COMMUNICATION 

Chapter 10: Starting Spiritual Conversations 

Chapter 11: Making the Message Clear 

Chapter 12: Breaking the Barriers to Belief 

Section 5: The Payoff: MAXIMUM IMPACT 

Chapter 13: Crossing the Line of Faith 

Chapter 14: Contagious Christians and Contagious Churches 

Chapter 15: Investing Your Life in People

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Becoming a Contagious Christian - Bill Hybels paperback

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