Becoming A Vessel Of Honor - Rebecca Brown book
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Warning: This is a powerful book.  Don't read it unless you are already familiar with spiritual warfare and binding/loosing.

1. Testing the Covenant
2. Push-Pins
3. Memories
4. Cages and Curses
5. The Armor of God
6. Demonic Wounds
7. Holy Spirit versus Spirit Guides
8. The Sin Nature
9. Defilement of God's Temple
10. The Spirit and the Spirit World
11. Doorways
12. Deliverance
13. Deliverance of Those Involved in Satanism
14. To Satanists...with Love
Appendix A: Breaking Up Fallow Ground
Appendix B: Satanic High Days
Appendix C: Books That Have Helped Me

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Becoming A Vessel Of Honor - Rebecca Brown book

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